Digital India Land Records
Modernization Programme  (DILRMP-MIS 2.0)

Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme-MIS 2.0
Department of Land Resources( भूमि संसाधन विभाग )
Ministry of Rural Development(ग्रामीण विकास मंत्रालय )
Government of India( भारत सरकार )

Sanction and Release towards Institutions

All Funds in Lakh
S.NOName of InstitutionSanction year Sanction Number Sanction Date Fund SanctionedFund Released Sanctioned Order Copy Released Order Copy
1NICSI2013-201418014/09/2009-LRD dated 11th January 201001/03/2014186.82
2NICSI2009-201018014/09/2009-LRD dated 11th January 2010 11/01/2010186.82186.82 DownloadDownloads
4NICSI2015-2016F.No 28012/11/2015-LRD14/09/2015358.69175DownloadDownloads