Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme  (DILRMP-MIS 2.0)

Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme-MIS 2.0
Department of Land Resources( भूमि संसाधन विभाग )
Ministry of Rural Development(ग्रामीण विकास मंत्रालय )
Government of India( भारत सरकार )

Computerization of Land Records(CLR)

S.NODistrictTotal No. of RORTotal No. of VillagesVillages of
CLRMutation ComputerizedIssuance of Digitally Signed RoRROR Linkage With Aadhaar in Villages
CompletedOngoingNot StartedCompletedongoing
1 AIZAWL11,8911015453.47%04700.00%00.00%00.00%0
2 CHAMPHAI5,965906875.56%02200.00%00.00%00.00%0
3 KOLASIB04900.00%04900.00%00.00%00.00%0
4 LAWNGTLAI016700.00%016700.00%00.00%00.00%0
5 LUNGLEI6,1601955930.26%013600.00%00.00%00.00%1
6 MAMIT1,00012300.00%012300.00%00.00%00.00%0
7 SAIHA06100.00%06100.00%00.00%00.00%0
8 SERCHHIP3,716402562.50%01500.00%00.00%00.00%0
* Data extracted in column no. 3(Total No. of ROR) is integrated with the State/UT Land Records database