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Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme-MIS 2.0
Department of Land Resources
Ministry of Rural Development
Government of India

S.NODistrictTotal SROsComputerised SROsTechnology usedAvailability of InternetAbolish stamp paperAvailability in the WebsiteOnline PaymentConnectvity with revenue officesIntegration with LRDeed searchable in web
No.%WebClient serverGuidelineCircle rateOnline calculatorSample deedOnline bookingNo.%
1 East Garo Hills100.00%0000000000000.00%0
2 East Jaintia Hills100.00%0000000000000.00%0
3 East Khasi Hills11100.00%1010001000000.00%0
4 North Garo Hills100.00%0000000000000.00%0
5 Ri Bhoi100.00%0000000000000.00%0
6 South Garo Hills100.00%0000000000000.00%0
7 South West Garo Hills 100.00%0000000000000.00%0
8 South West Khasi Hills100.00%0000000000000.00%0
9 West Garo Hills100.00%0000000000000.00%0
10 West Jaintia Hills100.00%0000000000000.00%0
11 West Khasi Hills100.00%0000000000000.00%0