Digital India Land Records
Modernization Programme  (DILRMP-MIS 2.0)

Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme-MIS 2.0
Department of Land Resources( भूमि संसाधन विभाग )
Ministry of Rural Development(ग्रामीण विकास मंत्रालय )
Government of India( भारत सरकार )

S.NOSROs NameComputerised SROsTechnology usedAvailability of InternetAbolish stamp paperAvailability in the WebsiteOnline PaymentConnectvity with revenue officesIntegration with LRDeed searchable in web
WebClient serverGuidelineCircle rateOnline calculatorSample deedOnline booking
1Sub Registrar Office AutDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
2Sub Registrar Office BaldwaraDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
3Sub- Registrar office BalhDoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone Done
4Sub Registrar Office Bali ChowkiDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
5Sub- Registrar office BhadrotaDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDone Done
6Sub Registrar Office ChachyotDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
7Sub- Registrar office Chatri Done Done
8Sub- Registrar office Dehar Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
9Sub Registrar Office DharmpurDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
10Sub Registrar Office JogindarnagarDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
11Sub Registrar Office KarsogDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
12Sub- Registrar office KatolaDoneDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone Done
13Sub Registrar Office KotliDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
14Sub Registrar Office Lad BharolDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
15Sub Registrar Office MandiDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
16Sub Registrar Office NihriDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
17Sub Registrar Office PadharDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
18Sub- Registrar office PangnaDoneDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
19Sub- Registrar office RewalserDoneDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone Done
20Sub Registrar Office SandholDoneDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
21Sub Registrar Office SarkaghatDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
22Sub Registrar Office SundarnagarDoneDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
23Sub Registrar Office ThunagDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone DoneDone
24Sub- Registrar office TihraDoneDone Done DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone
25Sub- Registrar office tikkanDoneDone DoneDoneDoneDoneDoneDone Done