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Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme-MIS 2.0
Department of Land Resources
Ministry of Rural Development
Government of India

State/UT :
District :
Sl.NOTehsilNo. of Cadastral Maps/FMBs/TippansNo. of Villages
TotalIn good conditionDigitizedTotal VillagesSpatial Data verifiedCadastral Maps Geo - refrenced Cadastral Maps linked to RoR Real time updation of RoR and MapsBhu-Naksha used for Cadastral Maps
Total 14,60114,60114,601100.00%818100.00%11.23%00
1 Taluk Office, Bahour4,0884,0884,088100.00%2222
2 Taluk Office, Oulgaret1,6901,6901,690100.00%88
3 Taluk Office, Puducherry2,5512,5512,551100.00%1212 18.33%
4 Taluk Office, Villiainur6,2726,2726,272100.00%3939